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Both land and water pregnancy yoga is all about staying active and helping to ease up those aches and pains that growing a person causes.
You can join us from your first scan, so around 12/13 weeks and it's suitable for complete beginners. There's no need to bring a mat for land yoga as I'll have mine laid out for you. The class is suitable for complete beginners to experienced yogis.


Do it Like a Mother, Westcliff
Wednesday 7-8.15pm

Jellyfish Hub, Leigh
Thursday 7.30-8.45pm

The Fitzwimarc School, Rayleigh
Saturday 9-10.15am

St Michael's Church, Benfleet
Sunday 6-7.15pm


The Sweyne Park School, Rayleigh
Thursdays 8-9pm

Land Yoga classes involve:

• Learning breathing techniques to help you through birth

• Pregnancy safe yoga

• A different birth related topic each week to discuss

• A beautiful guided mediation to enhance bonding with baby

Aquanatal Yoga & Hypnobirthing classes involve:

• Learning breathing techniques to help you through birth

• Pregnancy safe aqua yoga

• Hypnobirthing topics each week to discuss

• Short floating relaxation at the end


The overall aim of the classes are to help you feel empowered and positive about any type of birth.

Classes are booked in 4 week blocks for £48. 

You will receive a little gift on your first block of each class too.

You can trial a class for £12 before committing to the block.

Discounts available when land and aqua yoga are run simultaneously.


Thinking back to my first pregnancy yoga class I was so nervous, as I even get anxious about introducing myself but I am so so pleased that I decided to join Sam in pregnancy yoga. Not only does the yoga make me feel better (physically and mentally) each week, I have also learnt a lot about pregnancy and birth. With the knowledge and breathing tools I have learned, along with keeping my body gently active throughout my pregnancy, I feel that I'm now approaching birth informed, positive and a lot more confident. Oh and I always feel like I have THE best nights sleep after one of Sam's classes. I cant thank Sam enough for continuing the classes during lockdown and supporting us Mummas. She just has a magic of making everything feel like its going to be alright!

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