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 Our yoga is soft and flowing in tune with the yin, lunar and feminine elements. In this class, the focus is not on perfecting yogic postures but on experiencing energy flow and moving the body to where it feels good. It's suitable for all abilities and there are variations of every posture. We also work with the cycles of the moon and spend time releasing what no longer serves us and setting intentions for each lunar month.

You receive a lavender eye pillow and also an aromatherapy rollerball oil to use in class when you join for a block.

You can trial this class for £11. PAYG option: £11 Block option: £63 for 6 week block.

Ashingdon Church Hall, Rochford
Monday 8-9.15pm

The Fitzwimarc School, Rayleigh
Tuesday 7-8.15pm

Do it Like a Mother, Westcliff
Wednesday 8.30-9.45pm


I've been to quite a few yoga classes in the past but always felt a little intimidated. Luna yoga with My Yogi Tribe feel like a yoga class with friends.

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